Brand Maneki — fast, consistent, all-in-one Anime (アニメ) solution designed for efficient rendering of next-generation high-quality HD/4K content in Autodesk Maya and The Foundry KATANA. Maneki is the core technology used by Polygon Pictures for the BLAME!(ブラム)movie.

Maneki also introduces “Photo-Surreal Rendering” (PSR): a neologism stading for a mix of photo-realism (or PBR) and non-photorealism (or NPR) that pays homage to the traditional design elements of Japanese Anime (アニメ) via unique, production-proven, features.

Maneki is integrated in Maya (soon in KATANA) and comes with a set of materials, lights, procedural patterns & geometry processing tools able to produce Anime / NPR looks with the ease of PBR techniques with the ability to create new PSR looks. Maneki includes the 3Delight path tracer with its unique rendering capabilities such as high-quality outlining, analytic displacement, infinitely smooth subdivision surfaces, scalability, unlimited resolution and topmost performance. Maneki is designed to produce final imagery straight out of the renderer, without any compositing. Maneki also introduces a next-generation Anime Coloring Workflow with Maneki Composer for NUKE.

Maneki is schedule for release in Q1 2017. For informations please contact us. The 3D model is distributed under Creative Commons License as a Multiverse Alembic asset and is for you to enjoy & play with.

Maneki is brought to you by J CUBE Inc., the R&D company of Polygon Pictures, we are based in Tokyo, Japan.

Brand Maneki
Commercial Version

Version 2.0.0RelNotes
Maya 2015 → 2017+
Katana* 2.5+

Win* / macOS / Linux*

Maneki is named after our mascot “Maneki Neko” (招き猫), literally the beckoning cat.

He typically resides by the windowsill of homes, shops & offices, and has become a pop icon not only in Japan, its original birthplace, but also in China and USA! With his welcoming pose and unmatched cuteness (kawaii/かわいい) we invite you to try our rendering technology.

Oh, and if you'd like to say "Hello!" you can find him tweeting regularly on Twitter

Brand Made with Maneki — Film & TV Projects

Brand Maneki — Commercial Pricing

Maneki is sold under yearly subscription. Currently we do not sell single licenses.
Prices are all inclusive of rendering licenses and volume discount.
Maintenance/support & product updates are included with the subscription.
Prices are subject to change, for quotes & orders please contact us

Total Licenses
(Interactive + Render)
Maneki Small
20 licenses
Maneki Medium
50 licenses
Maneki Large
100 licenses
Maneki Composer
1 license
1-Year Subscription
(includes volume discount)
US$ 12000 /year US$ 24000 /year US$ 36000 /year + US$ 9000 /year
3-Years Subscription
(additional 20% discount)
US$ 9600 /year US$ 19200 /year US$ 28800 /year + US$ 7200 /year

Additional Consulting Services
We provide optional Anime modeling, lookdev, lighting services at a convenient weekly rate.
Please contact us for pricing and further details.

Brand Maneki — Key Features

Super-Fast Next-Gen HD/4K Anime

Ultra high definition, clean, fast, memory efficient, consistent HD/4K output of colors & outlines. Final imagery straight out of the renderer in one single pass, or output elements to individual AOVs for compositing. With full progressive rendering IPR support.

Full 3D Workflow

Both characters and backgrounds can be in 3D, or you can use matte painted backgrounds and projections on 3D geometry, or 2D hand-painted characters over 3D backgrounds. Thanks to 3D a full-range of camera movements is now possible, without the restrictions of traditional 2D pans/zooms.

Outlines & Detection, on any AOV

High-quality, stable (no animation flicker) outline detection on arbitrary Image Layers (or AOVs). Outlines can be lit/shadowed, textured, scaled, displaced (all according to UVs) with support for depth-fading & depth-consistency.

Special Tools for Anime Eyes & Hair

Powerful procedural patterns for Anime-style eyes and hair, able to replicate a wide range of looks for eyes and hair via streamlined parametric controls. Full progressive IPR support for quick interactions.

Anime Features & "PSR" styles

Achieve multiple styles with the same tools: from PBR/photoreal to NPR/Anime, and any PSR mix between the two. Maneki features special Anime shading simplification of color regions, shadows, highlights & reflections.

Next-Generation Anime Coloring Workflow

Re-coloring and color-correction workflow with Maneki Composer for NUKE: efficiently re-color shots in NUKE and sync-back color changes with Maya/KATANA to reproduce final imagery. This allows for quick interaction and parallel team work with the color director without the need of texture-based color pallettes.

Local & Global Additive Lights

Special local & global additive lights for ultimate control, featuring: powerful rim lights with unique shadow masking feature, gradient lights, distance-based coloring lights, real area lights for fill/bounce, smooth gradients, reflections etc.

Toon Shading, Gradients & Hatching

Multi-tonal toon shading with stepped quantization & smooth gradients: works on computed brightness and allows light absorption. Powerful "hatching" features to break the tonal continuity with full support for procedural textures.


Path tracing PBR techniques can be used with NPR for the first time: indirect illumination, environemnt occlusion, Image-Based Lighting, Sub-Surface Scattering, glossy reflections, emission/incandescence and real area lights.

Geometry & Outline Displacement

High-quality sub-pixel displacement of geometry and, accordingly, of outlines. Displacement is so fast that relying on low-quality effects such as bump maps or normal maps becomes completely unnecessary.

Multi-cam VR/Stereo Ready

Efficient, concurrent, multi-camera rendering for stereo & VR is fully supported so that rendering two views at once is optimized for render time. Programmable camera lens shader can provide any desirable lens deformation.

Color-managed Linear Workflow

Complete color-managed linear worflow pipeline for both colors, textures, lights and outlines. This allows for ultra-accurate color rendition and safe interchange of data with linear compositing applications such as NUKE.

Brand Maneki — 次世代ハイクオリティ HD/4K コンテンツの効率的なレンダリングを目指したスピーディで一慣性のある一体型アニメレンダリングソリューション。Autodesk 社の Maya とThe Foundry 社の KATANA を対象としています。Maneki は、ポリゴン・ピクチュアズ制作の映画 BLAME!(ブラム)に使用されているコアテクノロジーです。

Maneki日本アニメの伝統的なデザイン要素にオマージュを捧げる、フォトレアリスムPBRと非フォトレアリスムNPR の融合スタイル、「フォト・シュールレアリスムレンダリング」PSRを紹介します。既に制作で実績を挙げているユニークな機能を通じてこれを可能にします。

ManekiAutodesk 社の Maya に対応しています(The Foundry 社の KATANA も近日対応予定)。PBR の易しい手法を介したアニメ/NPR ルック作成と新たな PSR ルック作成の性能を備えるマテリアル、プロシージャルパターン、ライト一式がセットになっています。また、ハイクオリティな輪郭線描画、ディスプレイスメント、拡張性、無限の解像度と性能など、ユニークなレンダリング性能を備えた3Delight パストレーサーも付属しています。

Maneki は2017年第一四半期のリリースを予定しています。詳しくは弊社にお問い合わせください 3D モデルは、皆様に楽しんで使っていただけるよう、クリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンスに基づきMultiverse Alembic アセットとして配布されます。

Maneki は、ポリゴン・ピクチュアズの研究開発サービス会社である株式会社ジェー・キューブ(所在地: 東京)がお届けするサービスです。

Brand Maneki
Commercial Version

Version 2.0.0RelNotes
Maya 2015 → 2017+
Katana* 2.5+

Win* / macOS / Linux*

Maneki という名称は「招き猫」に由来します。


招き猫は Twitter で定期的にツイートしています。招き猫とお話したい方はこちらにどうぞ

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